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Terms & Conditions

  • Under the Existing Regulation of the Authority Restricted Materials or hazardous is not accepted under any circumstances. All the item are accepted entirely in the risk and responsibility of the shipper

  • KRM 3PL INDIA PVT LTD India Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible for any consequences occurred from the shipper’s consignment damage or late delivery due to the natural calamities, strikes, war, acts of God

  • The liability of KRM 3PL INDIA PVT LTD India Pvt. Ltd to maximum Rs. 1000/- per consignment

  • All claims regarding the consignment will be selected by Booking office only subject to rules & regulation of carriage of company

  • No claims will be accepted after 30 days of booking

  • Octroi, Sales tax or any other charges leviable by Central/State/Local authorities wherever applicable will be extra & borne by shipper.

  • KRM 3PL INDIA PVT LTD India Pvt Ltd has the right but not the obligation to inspect any shipment including without intimation opening the shipment & reserve its right to delay/carry any items

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